So here I am crying my thoughts on my very first entry. I miss the rain, I miss the fog, and I miss my REAL town. The fog coming from the mountains slowly blanketing you with freezing cold that lingers throughout the night, you would get your sweaters in the old room you used to think as your castle when you were a little kid. Chilly breeze brushing your cheeks that leave slight sensations of tingle while you drink hot beverage in the fireplace with your family. Dear memories, simply nostalgic.

ONCE upon a dream. 😦

But all those hidden beauty is all but gone, never to arrive and play once again. The world is changing, changing fast. The usual rain is not as usual as before. The once provincial life is now an urban of extremities. Tall buildings had replaced the century-old trees. Dark clouds of dust overwhelmed the splendor of white fogs. The chirping of birds that sing the melodies of early light simply vanished. Thousands upon thousands of men arrive to colonize the natural world. The stars that inspire, guide, and hope are nowhere to be seen. DEATH is inevitable, trees grumbling for help, animals grieve over their old home. The once cold town is now a smoldering pan of different colors, the hues of green gone forever.

Does it always have to be like this? FOR EVERY ACTION, THERE IS AN EQUAL AND OPPOSITE REACTION. Hundreds of choices are in store for us. THINK TWICE. The world is changing, FAST. – I say, DON’T BLOW IT, GOOD PLANETS ARE HARD TO FIND.



  1. thaitieuthu says:

    beauty is found in the simplistic things around us. I love your writing, it’s so unique. Stay in touch!
    And don’t forget to get familiar with your new environment. As you said, the world is changing, we all need to change too. Get better, and take good care of yourself.

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