STRIKE! I’m BORED! SOO BORED! BORED. BORED. BORED. BORED. BORED. BORED. BORED. BORED. BORED. BORED. BORED. BORED. BORED. BORED. BOR.. BOR.. BO.. BO.. Whaa! Now, Im even bored in trying to write the word BORED! Shoot, there you go again! Let me ask you, what’s the wildest cure for boredom? STUDY? (yuck*) Go out? (Not really in the right mood) Or devise a plan on how to destroy planet earth? Yaa! That sounds great! Maybe I’ll just fashion my little ways of ending this lonely world. (sounding like Megamind)  There you go, I have a plan! Here’s my 10 ways of insanity:

10. I’ll dig a hole in the ground then put a blackhole in it! xD

9. Throw on an iTune downloaded song of Lady Gaga and play it while letting everybody die of white noise.

8. Kill my teacher (my MOST tedious teacher) then shoot earth with a laser from a space shuttle.

7. Stick every living person with a needle contaminated with HIV then blast earth from the inside! (I-have-no-idea-on-how-to-do-that!)

6. I’ll eat all the food savagely in this planet and starve everyone until they eat earth itself! MUAHAHA!

5. I’ll cut the planet like a pizza with a scalpel! 8-piece style! Hell yeaah!

4. Gonna launch a full assault of modified and cloned beasts armed with  nuclear weapon-of-mass-destruction and instruct them to kill everyone and later kill themselves.

3. I’ll let every person in this forsaken planet to eat a firework! Then I’ll bat earth like a baseball! HOMERUN! xD

2. Evaporate the ocean with a Bunsen burner then put earth in a gigantic flask filled with concentrated sulfuric acid!

1. I’ll introduce a new virus made from my own saliva and sperm combined that is capable of contaminating and decaying earth itself!

Yess! How sick is that!? Well, I just saved I, from dying of BORING MYSELF. Praise all the geeks who think they can do the same as I! Cheers to us! *Or, cheers to me rather!

NOTE: This entry was written during my MOOOOOOOST boring class in systematics. I HATE EVERY LITTLE THING ABOUT IT. Thanks to ‘that’ boring class, these ideas just flowed out of the blue. 😉 (Don’t get too serious when you read this. It’s just a bogus, a humorous composition.)