Just be Good to Me

I feel so bad today.

When I woke up this morning, my head spun out of control. A single snap of my head sends head bangs, stars, and earthquakes to my undoubtedly clear vision, like all the weight in the world was massed up in my hard stunned skull. I really don’t know what happened, but I do know that I can’t control my balance and felt like throwing up all the time. For about thirty minutes, I just settled in the bed sitting, focusing on how I can stand without stumbling down — mustering all my strengths to my knees and carry the burden of my body. And when I did, I almost crashed down again.. It’s like the world is revolving to fast. I turned off the air conditioner and immediately fixed my self in the mirror, and saw my hair stood like I was electrified. God knows what happened last night.

Today was the first day of enrollment for summer classes. I grabbed a yellow shirt with a skull printed in the middle and wore it – matched up with black slim jeans; worn-out Converse All-star shoes; and my brown leathered Esprit watch to my left wrist, and gathered all the papers that I might perhaps need and shoved it into my red body bag. I styled my wet hair with a Mohawk-y look and walked around the campus arriving at my destination by 2:30 pm. I was very much disappointed with the enrollment, it appears to me that the subject I was about to enroll had already closed, if only I arrived early in the morning. I went home displeased. I checked my grades and shoot! *I don’t really want to talk about it* Huhu. MY UNFORTUNATE SOUL IS FUCKED-UP PITIFUL.

One week ago, I and my friends were already planning to have a get-together hang-out. Im sure I can go, but then, something very bad came out. *which I will not discuss any further* My displeased mood was even doubled. Gaddamit! Now, I feel bad by just thinking the photos that I’d miss. (With all that tagging in FB!)

And I turned the TV on, hoping something that I can watch might lift my downfallen mood today. I watched American Idol 10, and Pia Tuscano was out. I was like “WHAAAAT? What is America thinking this time? They eliminated Casey once, and now, PIA? PIA of all?” My mood was from bad to worst. Pia is the leading contestant in the show. How come? (Urghh.. more drama, another coin to add in my piggy bank of misery!)

I didn’t know what happened!? Is this a punishment? From what? WHAAA! The world is turning its back on me now. This day is a total mess – physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally. I just hope something good comes out of what happened today. Good karma please be friends with me, please!


Talking to my mug, my cappuccino mug.

Cappuccino, the laptop, and the cold weather are the only ones with me today. I admit, the cappuccino one block away is so so good! I could drink it all day you know. The street is very silent! Kids outside are nowhere to be seen. Where the hell are they? ..and no one’s texting or calling me. The TV cable is out, the other PC is broken, no films to watch, and I finished all my books here. Great! Im soo bored, really.

I flexed my mind a bit by reading Naruto manga at mangafox.com, but I don’t know, all my enthusiasm about manga-reading was all but gone, as if sucked. And Im clueless what Im going to do with my facebook, there’s nothing left to do or see I guess. Urghh, I want to travel! Yes! (Shoot! Enrollment for summer classes will be next week!) And oh, talk about grades.. This semester is “one” of my worst ever! C+ and C line my grade card! Greeaat! My mom would kill me. I guess I have to catch up a bit, just a bit. Get some B+ or Bs next semester, or better yet, A++! Haha, just focus Saff!

I wish vampires, witches, or zombies would show up in my lawn. Just have something to look, or be scared at. Gaaaaad! 😡

UNSETTLING: On Account of My New Blog

At first, I don’t really know what type of blog I’m going to be blogging about. For Pete’s sake, there are tons of possibilities! But what came to my mind is this – that I’m going to post (or in other case, PRESS) is an entry that I really want to share, a Rosetta waiting to be discovered. Since I’m the introvert when it comes to sharing the sentiments I feel to some people I know.. I’d rather share it with strangers I don’t know. (See? That’s how weird I am) A striking thought pushes its way into my mind, like “Why would someone I don’t know bother with the things that bother me?” Sounds eccentric AGAIN, correct? But that’s the exact feeling I feel when I start typing in my keyboard to illustrate whatever what I want to share. Im like “Who the hell cares? THIS is my domain in the first place?! Why the hell did they create blogging sites?” And naturally, its most crucial purpose is to offer us the cravings and thirst all bloggers want. Confining my thought and emotion on something can kill me; I think about them before I sleep, in my dream, and when I wake up in the early hours. To let it out, I WILL share it to the world, I will Press it to other bloggers, and if it wills, I want to inspire other poeple. Just FOLLOW YOUR HEART, I just did.

P.S. Yes! *Congratulating myself for the new layout! And oh, my MARILYN-MONROE-inspired post will be out soon. Keep updated! ^^

The Big Change

Alright! From this moment on, I’m gonna focus in this blog alone. Gonna erase my other blogsites, change my lay-out, and focus more in my creative writing. Im gonna post my personal stories I want to share, or any compositions. As you all know, Im a beginner here in WordPress. So, May the God be with me this time. ^^