UNSETTLING: On Account of My New Blog

At first, I don’t really know what type of blog I’m going to be blogging about. For Pete’s sake, there are tons of possibilities! But what came to my mind is this – that I’m going to post (or in other case, PRESS) is an entry that I really want to share, a Rosetta waiting to be discovered. Since I’m the introvert when it comes to sharing the sentiments I feel to some people I know.. I’d rather share it with strangers I don’t know. (See? That’s how weird I am) A striking thought pushes its way into my mind, like “Why would someone I don’t know bother with the things that bother me?” Sounds eccentric AGAIN, correct? But that’s the exact feeling I feel when I start typing in my keyboard to illustrate whatever what I want to share. Im like “Who the hell cares? THIS is my domain in the first place?! Why the hell did they create blogging sites?” And naturally, its most crucial purpose is to offer us the cravings and thirst all bloggers want. Confining my thought and emotion on something can kill me; I think about them before I sleep, in my dream, and when I wake up in the early hours. To let it out, I WILL share it to the world, I will Press it to other bloggers, and if it wills, I want to inspire other poeple. Just FOLLOW YOUR HEART, I just did.

P.S. Yes! *Congratulating myself for the new layout! And oh, my MARILYN-MONROE-inspired post will be out soon. Keep updated! ^^


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