Talking to my mug, my cappuccino mug.

Cappuccino, the laptop, and the cold weather are the only ones with me today. I admit, the cappuccino one block away is so so good! I could drink it all day you know. The street is very silent! Kids outside are nowhere to be seen. Where the hell are they? ..and no one’s texting or calling me. The TV cable is out, the other PC is broken, no films to watch, and I finished all my books here. Great! Im soo bored, really.

I flexed my mind a bit by reading Naruto manga at, but I don’t know, all my enthusiasm about manga-reading was all but gone, as if sucked. And Im clueless what Im going to do with my facebook, there’s nothing left to do or see I guess. Urghh, I want to travel! Yes! (Shoot! Enrollment for summer classes will be next week!) And oh, talk about grades.. This semester is “one” of my worst ever! C+ and C line my grade card! Greeaat! My mom would kill me. I guess I have to catch up a bit, just a bit. Get some B+ or Bs next semester, or better yet, A++! Haha, just focus Saff!

I wish vampires, witches, or zombies would show up in my lawn. Just have something to look, or be scared at. Gaaaaad! 😡


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