Friday the 13th Entry: The Rebecca Black Song

Once upon a time, music was imperative, a necessity.

”Yesterday was Thursday, Thursday. Today i-is Friday, Friday (Partyin’)! We-we-we so excited! We so excited We gonna have a ball today!”

(the comments of the actual video uploaded in YouTube were all deleted)

               SERIOUSLY!? Who sings “we we so excited!”!? What just happened here? Can anybody, somebody explain me the very context of this song? A 13 – year old who can’t decide whether to assemble at the back or the front seat? A girl who happened to wait in a bus stop but would be picked up by her friends? A song that informs us that Thursday is before Friday and Saturday, and that Sunday after it? And yes, we got it, your friend is on your right. Then? What’s with it?

               135 million views, 2.7 million dislikes (and still counting), and was, is a subject of extreme controversy and parody – Friday by Rebecca Black. Wow, so much attention for a typical Californian teenager. Truth be told, in valid records, this song could have gone multi-platinum. I can’t hide away the feeling of being stunned with this actuality.

AND REALLY!? It was covered by a mega-hit musical TV series in one of its episodes?

               The tune of the song doesn’t bother me and the 2.7 million dislikers, it’s just that, the very MEANING of the song is, MUST be essential. The lyrics fall short in giving the real importance behind it. The video took the audience into changing dimensions and lyrical recitation, which is by the way necessary for the people to understand. She could have given us a music that deals with the dilemmas surrounding a usual teenager – not the usual lifestyle of a teenager in a dilemma.

                I cannot blame Rebecca Black for her notoriety in Friday, blame Gaga and the rest of the pop newcomers for shooting a flare into the night sky – songs with no sense, repeated syllables, and over-the-top videos. SERIOUSLY? (..for the nth time!?)

              And mind you, the line between making a lyricked song and making a disco tune is so thin to the point that we won’t be able to feel the meaning behind every melody. In the first place, why was music invented? To give us a higher ground to elaborate what we feel? To just throw a good disco sound and dance along with it? Or to make money? Ask yourself. You see, there are two kinds of music in industry, one that really touched you and one that left a “Whaat!?”-impression on you that you either laugh at or cry to. Music has evolved through time; and I admit, it’s inevitable; just be ready for the next hit ( I was off-guard.). One minute, it’s ra-ras and the next, it’s dum-dums.

P.S. I do admire Rebecca for holding out the hate mails and death threats thrown at her, and still cope-up to walk down the streets. Wow, that’s a lot of pressure for a 13 – year old; capable of not crashing down in the hot seat, standing firm and manage to stay in the frontlines with all the burdens of pressure. Well, it’s your right. It’s not a sin to make music (But next time though, make music WITH prudence and purpose.).


2 thoughts on “Friday the 13th Entry: The Rebecca Black Song

  1. shakm says:

    bro, diba maka Rebecca Black ka? LOL..”friday..friday..” mag back to Gaga ka nalang.. you like,right? haha.

    • Saffro says:

      REBECCA BLACK? Oo, favorite ko siya, favorite favorite. haha. xD ..see? I even have a tribute entry for her. LOL. And GAGA? haha! Please refer to my about page “The Madman” – on fact no.15. haha. xD

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