Just Another Quickpost

I raised my hand in the corner of a small, dark room. The curtains blow slowly in the open windows. The shadow of my hand resembled a tree that grew suddenly in the middle of the night at the rightmost wall. As I moved my hand to clasp the shadow formed, it’s as if the tree fell down on my hand. Fluorescent light from the neighbor illuminate the shadow and the dim room, the right instant the tree shadow vanished. The gloom that struggled inside my stinging sentiment was like the atmosphere in the dim dark space – cold, swaying, alone, and in a mysterious spot. The memories flow down, flooding me, preoccupying my mentality. Hours I would lie there.. summoning the fragments of memories I once did, I once thought, the ones I dreamed of. The unexplainable hurt, the pain intensifying each minute.. reverberate in every nerve of my being. The sadness, the misery. Fighting the feelings away turn you to something irrational, fanatical in every way.. You stare at the ceiling in reverie, or roll back and forth in the warm sheets you used to lay. You realize the other sheet is too cold now, you haven’t moved for the past thirty minutes. You just lay there, in a monotonous trance of scrutiny and realizations. There’s nothing you can do now, you wait for the morning dews to settle in your window or the rays of sun gun down in your face in the early hours. You become conscious you heaved the deepest sigh in all these years. A trial, that’s all you can think of now, rather than accept it as a challenge without solution.. it drives you crazy. You think of other things while you close your eyes, but the notion of being hurt comes back every now and then. You stare again. You bat an eyelid in the badly lit room. Oh, you wish you could sleep..


One thought on “Just Another Quickpost

  1. shaye says:

    there is an ease in every pain…when you’re finally over the pain, you will laugh about it.hehe

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