Rumour Has It

Aside from the stress of examinations and the time it asks from me, other concerns eat me whole in one piece. This news that I’d be running for the upcoming University Supreme Student Government elections is rather perplexing. I don’t know how to react. One time, this guy from out-of-nowhere who I don’t even recognize approached me, “You’re Saff right? Good luck for the Vice-Presidency!” And I was like, “WOW! This news, where the hell does it come from?!” Then my English teacher asked me about my “campaign”.. the pressure came to me like an asteroid crashing down my head. Even our seniors, which are years and years ahead, asked for my confirmation if it’s really true. Damn! I don’t know, ok? I really don’t know. I have other things to focus on, and by the way, tons of social org obligations are piled in my little bag, leaving no place for my major books. Just give me time. That’s all that I’m asking for.

Truly, the walls have ears, gossips have wings.. no, boosters rather. T_T Just.. Urgh.

Who Says Comparative Anatomy Is Easy?

Slept by 1:20 am. Woke up again by 4:01 am. Then memorized a looooong list of anatomical terms for the exam at the next few hours. I opened my “Comparative Anatomy of Vertebrates” book by Kent with a deep sigh, and a belief that I would memorize the complex terms and remember every origin and fate of the organs and germ layers. I leafed through the pages with much haste, and with fear.. fear that I may not at all recall the terms I just memorized. Once or twice, hesitation grabbed my neck.. why study if you will eventually fail? No! I will, and must not fail; I have asserted much effort in this subject. I know I can be better.

 In the stillness of the early hours, I was reading swiftly from point to point, paragraph to paragraph, and descriptions to description, examined all the available illustrations and laboratory slides which I photographed during our laboratory class.

I shoved my books in my backpack and immediately headed out. I kept telling myself that I can do this, that deep inside, my soul shouts for nothing but calmness. I yearned for postponement, for a delay. But he was there, our instructor, walking down the stairs with brimming coolness. Oh, we wish we could be as calm as he is.

The exam was in three parts. First, you cite the morphological origin and fate of the given organs during embryogenesis, cell differentiation, and gastrulation. You have thirty minutes to answer it all, and the worst part is – it’s write-minus-wrong. If your answer is wrong or you left it blank, then it will be deducted to your correct answers. Second part, the discussion of the ontogeny and phylogeny of the given words with the aid of a diagram. This time, you have one hour to answer it all. And the worst, the third, a laboratory moving exam. There are ten questions for each number which you would have to answer for two and a half minutes, which means, you have 12 seconds for each question. There are thirty stations with their ten respected question, the slides are in front – whether mounted in a microscope, photographed, or with figures. All you have to do is answer each question of the thirty numbers, therefore, 12 seconds for each question out of 300. Thus, another one hour for the third exam. And oh, did I mention, the passing rate is 70%. Who says Comparative Anatomy is easy? May my answers be as clear and comprehensible as what I thought it was.

I remained cross – fingered for the rest of the day. For now, the mattress is calling me and my body is weak, a handful of beautiful dreams is waiting for me.

Do I Google?

The triple W’s is as equal footing to water these days; I wouldn’t be surprised if 5th graders have facebook and twitter accounts to follow Justin Beiber. The world indeed is as small as a green pea. As much as we tackle the offshoots of internet and the cyberworld, the benefits still outweigh the side-effects. Almost all trending and “odd” topics have their own websites. Even a college dropout can create a billion dollar machine that makes people intermingle; and the good thing is, there’s no prejudice and misconception in all its corners – no clear barrier between a rich man using a social networking site for business purposes to a poor man searching for friends. However, this article is exclusive for one website my needle of opinions would like to pierce, I restrain the topic to a certain limitation, and I mean to a certain site.

I ask you, DO YOU GOOGLE? As loud as you say NO, the probability is, you have and you WILL. Putting your hands in keyboards is a necessity in the modern lifestyle, except if you’re a caveman who outlived Neanderthals thousands of years ago. Google have changed the sum-total of learning and searching. It became an encyclopedia stored in a flashing monitor; widespread and easy to see. And an instant ticket to any website you haven’t and want to visit. More applications were even introduced to the global invasion of this website, extending its well equipped claws to the far reaches and every dot in the map. Google earth, Google videos, Google mail, Google advertising, Google search.. you ask, I name it, the list spells “forever” itself. Not to mention, two of the most visited site in cyberworld is Google-owned; YouTube and Blogger. Net browser Google chrome and photo editing program, Picasa is Google owned as well. Im not endorsing or anything, but the whole reality flabbergasts my sense of belief that from a minuscule speck of creation would breed up an empire of different varieties, that even a two-man personnel (Larry Page and Sergey Brin, “Google Guys”) can create a multi-billion making site that started from pen and parchment. I searched for a journal article about cell biology through Google, and voala, shining in all its glory is a library of free articles in PDF and HTML format (Open access in Searching was is easier, and eventually raised the bar in research online (Wikipedia for instance), usual day to day education, the viral spread of scandals and issues, and a platform for media.

In this day and age, you don’t have to pace back and forth from your dormitory to the library and approach a frowning librarian just to ask for a book regarding your take home quiz. Quotes, issues, life stories – all accessible night and day. A peek of what happens on the other side of the globe. And not worry if your blood relatives and cherished ones are doing well in a distant place away from where you are; sending a message with a push of a button – and in less than a minute, it can arrive, wherever you are in the face of the planet, as long as you’re connected to the network.

And as a final point, dreaming that big “is” achievable in the first place, provided that you have the fortitude, the skills, and the self-reliance. Well, I’m forced to admit – that human race is, without a doubt, evolving to the limits. Brilliant ideas are sure to sprout one day, all it takes is a little drop of water to mature, and endow its beauty to full magnificence and captivate the attention of the unquenched thirsts of the social order. There is more to come.. to vastness and for the search of knowledge.

THEN, do I have to reiterate the title to myself again? I imagine you know the answer already.