Rumour Has It

Aside from the stress of examinations and the time it asks from me, other concerns eat me whole in one piece. This news that I’d be running for the upcoming University Supreme Student Government elections is rather perplexing. I don’t know how to react. One time, this guy from out-of-nowhere who I don’t even recognize approached me, “You’re Saff right? Good luck for the Vice-Presidency!” And I was like, “WOW! This news, where the hell does it come from?!” Then my English teacher asked me about my “campaign”.. the pressure came to me like an asteroid crashing down my head. Even our seniors, which are years and years ahead, asked for my confirmation if it’s really true. Damn! I don’t know, ok? I really don’t know. I have other things to focus on, and by the way, tons of social org obligations are piled in my little bag, leaving no place for my major books. Just give me time. That’s all that I’m asking for.

Truly, the walls have ears, gossips have wings.. no, boosters rather. T_T Just.. Urgh.


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