Dead Beat

He thought he’s gonna be bulletproof this time.

He woke up heavy hearted. Droplets of rain scattering the dewy glass of early morn. Shades of black and white in the gloomy room are deafening him. He closed his eyes and immersed himself in the still, calm crack of dawn.

One black umbrella is enough to keep him from the cold strokes of the morning rain unable to blow his sorrows away. One step further takes him deeper and deeper. He can’t care less of the sullied pavement he treads.. he walked as if there’s no end, unconsciously lifting his right arm to touch the rough concrete of a nearby wall, as if tracing something out of it. He never felt the freezing drizzle of pouring rain on his right hand and instead felt the warm tears rolling in his cheeks.

He knows it ain’t easy..


I Just Can’t

I finally made up my decision about the election issue and put an end to this rumor (which aggravated to the point that they pleaded for my filing).

I weighed both the possible pros and cons about the matter and eventually boiled down to the basis of rejecting it. The only thing I can think about the pro is well, as blunt as it may sound, the POPULARITY. I don’t know how to justify it to convince you, but it has always been about that. (And I’m not even sure if popularity counts as a pro? Reclusive much? Check! )

But the cons of the issue is all-over the place.. it consumes so much of my time – which add to my busy schedule, it requires large amount of money (which I’m not willing to spend), the reputation of my name is at risk here (though it’s just a university election, the “SSG-ism controversy” was never set and still remained at that level for years. Over-acting it is.), my motivation is out of the basket (motivation is substantial requirement when you lead a group of people), and sad to say, I barely know I have the leadership skills. But all the concerns and support you’ve given me even if I refused to do so will always remain in my heart. I’m forever thankful to all of you. Thank you! And for those who asked this big favor, Im sorry, I don’t have the confidence and the time. There are hundreds of people who are basically and whole-heartedly fit for the position. Things like that isn’t, well, my thing at all. I assure you, whoever you choose, I will, in all my powers do the best I can to help him/her win the elections! Thank you for understanding.