I Just Can’t

I finally made up my decision about the election issue and put an end to this rumor (which aggravated to the point that they pleaded for my filing).

I weighed both the possible pros and cons about the matter and eventually boiled down to the basis of rejecting it. The only thing I can think about the pro is well, as blunt as it may sound, the POPULARITY. I don’t know how to justify it to convince you, but it has always been about that. (And I’m not even sure if popularity counts as a pro? Reclusive much? Check! )

But the cons of the issue is all-over the place.. it consumes so much of my time – which add to my busy schedule, it requires large amount of money (which I’m not willing to spend), the reputation of my name is at risk here (though it’s just a university election, the “SSG-ism controversy” was never set and still remained at that level for years. Over-acting it is.), my motivation is out of the basket (motivation is substantial requirement when you lead a group of people), and sad to say, I barely know I have the leadership skills. But all the concerns and support you’ve given me even if I refused to do so will always remain in my heart. I’m forever thankful to all of you. Thank you! And for those who asked this big favor, Im sorry, I don’t have the confidence and the time. There are hundreds of people who are basically and whole-heartedly fit for the position. Things like that isn’t, well, my thing at all. I assure you, whoever you choose, I will, in all my powers do the best I can to help him/her win the elections! Thank you for understanding.


3 thoughts on “I Just Can’t

  1. emayers cyrus says:

    aydaaaw.! piyakatastas kapn.

    • Saffro says:

      HAHA. Ginan dn, the longer the better! :p

      • emayers cyrus says:

        actually na da akn ae batyaa. katawan akn dn e pamungawn ka sii. mea sense akn dn a pn drama ka pn. tsuuuh!! meakalbulbud bu man tae. datayara! “di ako pag run sa VP” see??? kiyalbud. piyakatastas kapn. ano to? pocketbook? uuuuh. mabasa nga. ahahaaa

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