A Wink From a Mile

Wow! So when was my last post? A month ago? Shame. Lots of catching up to do. As I strolled through the grey colored pavement, I wasted so many breads along the way. I should turn back and pick it all up again before molds would mount up into it. (Urgh. Saff, forget the cat for Anatomy class please.)

So here’s the thing, I ‘am blessed, really blessed these past few months. Don’t know why? (Please karma, stay away from me) Loads of blessings made my day, no, my two whole month. It’s soo cool. I can’t believe myself that “I’ve done that and I’ve been there” – situations truly happened before my eyes. Really. Countless positive aspects shot right through me – met some good and brand new friends, embarrassing moments in a good way (huh?), seen “beyond-expectation” results, and a full-size sigh of satisfaction. I’m just thankful. Overwhelmingly thankful, I lived my life to the fullest, and this time though, I’ve seen the most fruit out of it. Niceey! And oh, the atmosphere outside the house is quite reminiscing too – it’s a good thing to see kids play kites again. *I thought they’re all too busy burying their young minds to computer and what-have-yous. It’s inevitable though.*

It’s raining unreasonable posts here. I *should* be posting new articles and sensible entries this time. Follow-up posts will be out soon. I wish. THIS IS A QUICK POST, to update and all. Just wanna let the world know that I’m still alive. Haha.