Daze: Glimmer

     Tick tock. Tick tock.

     “The sound coming from the grandfather’s clock is kinda bloodcurdling at a time like this.” He murmured to himself.

     He was sitting idly in one of those sophisticated black-leathered sofas when he stood up and made his way to the badly lit foyer and continued to make his way outside. The sun was shining brilliantly.

     Those impending grey clouds might cover the sun anytime soon. He thought as he momentarily looked up the mass of gloomy puffs of nimbus clouds that dim out the bending long grasses from the landscape overlooking where he stood.

     As fast as something may look beautiful to the eyes, as fast as it may entirely vanish in another minute.

     He squinted behind those glistening sunshine that might eventually blister his skin if he doesn’t get back inside.

     Before he could turn back, a pink spark flashed in his peripheral view. Something caught his eye. He was taken aback and felt his body freeze, motionless under the afternoon sun. Despite the hotness, he could feel the cold eerie wind enveloping him. A yellow flash sparked this time. Then green, just in front of him followed by a blue flicker just beside the green one.

     Am I dying? I’m too young for this kind of stuff. His heart beating faster and faster, adrenaline taking over him. He alarmingly remembered how his mother died at a young age; of heart attack at the least time expected. Now he’s worrying he may possibly be the one after that.

     The next thing he’d do is to look around, the urge to run, call for help. But his whole body hardened and weighed down to the grounds as if gravity itself snarled his feet to the earth. One by one, the sparks turned into four pretty little ladies with dresses that float in thin air, slowly forming and rotating, twirling their long skirts round and round. He couldn’t believe what he sees; he couldn’t believe what’s happening to him now.

     Wake up. Compellingly informing himself that this is just a dream. A nightmare.

     As their transformation was completed – their tiny translucent wings fluttering in mid-air – they held hands and encircled his head and chanted words he couldn’t fathom. Their voices serene and flowing. It was like a song, chanted beautifully but without any tune. Resembling a melody, but not totally as one would say a wheat for a grain. It was something delightful to the ears – heavenly and will etch in your mind, something you can’t possibly forget all throughout your life.

     Then in the middle of all that unlikely admirable upheaval, their voices echoed through him, and his vision swiftly blurring. Haziness and distortion to his views, pitch black, then nothing. His existence sucked.


Daze: Call of the Springs

He dashed across the grey chiseled concrete pathway from his apartment wearing grey slippers with his black socks on. The color of the fabric contradicted the whitish grey color of his footwear with red detailing. The rubbing of the socks to the slippers is quiet amusing and irritating at the same time.

     He hurried to the vehicle that pulled right in front of the covered lane down the first boulevard. While his friends are waving and shouting to hurry up, he ran and almost fell head over heels.

     This is the perfect time for a swim at the falls. He thought. Eagerness pumping inside him, he can’t really wait.

     They sat there in slobbering daze and hooting feat, matched with a stroke of comical gestures that sent punches of ache to their famished bellies. A dive to the springs is stirring, but a bite of the pastries and sweets stored in the backpack is much stimulating than a leap to the icy waters.

     “I missed breakfast again.” declaring unconsciously, but nobody paid attention, it seems they don’t really care after all.

     To quench the fervor for food, he tried to sleep. But all the commotion inside his empty tummy echoed all over him. When he’s about to circle the drain, he was informed that they were already there.

     One of them blurted, “It’s a long walk from here to the entrance, but twice when we go down. Brace yourselves!” giggling at the end of the exclamation.

     He felt his stomach tighten, and hands tremble. The energy that kept him enthusiastic in the car was all but sapped; lack of food affected him too much now.

     A little longer.

The hissing of the strong current river, thumping and throbbing of the falls’ impact to the spring, and swishing of the waves to the rocks is magical and breathtakingly enchanting. The rustling of the water beads to the leaves and the fluttering of mists seems like tiny ballerinas in air swaying gently to the wind in an orchestrated stage of natural source. For long reasonable minute, he forgot the calls of his starving gut, the beauty overcame him – he fell in love with it.

     The absorption is yet completed, not until he took a lunge to the chilly waters. The sweetness and wintry feel in it reverberated down to the bones, which washed impurities of stress and pessimism.

     Aside from the water’s coldness, he felt something else; something strange yet enchanting.

     He was pulled towards the center of the springs, drawn to its abyss. He can feel them, he was magnetized by them. He swam under water, deeper and deeper. And at that moment, a lady came into sight, swimming towards her from the water’s dark deep void. He wanted to resurface but he couldn’t. He was stunned but was not drowned. The lady came nearer and nearer, touched his face and said something in his awed mind.. something unfathomable, enticing, magical.

     The lady herself is strange, out of this world. He knew he should be frightened, but all of it was as if concealed by a pleasant mantle of beauty and uneasiness.

     Pointed brows lay perfectly above her emerald eyes. Her hair is not by the usual strips; instead it was tangled into a number of large compacted hairs with scales on it. Her appendages are covered by algae-resembling crusts randomly distributed, and her olive-colored skin match exclusively to the murky blue-green backdrop of the deep springs.

     Then her voice echoed through him, vision swiftly blurring. Haziness and distortion to his views, pitch black, then nothing. His existence sucked.