Seventh Heaven

I never thought paradiso was just kilometers away from home. The place and the condition was perfect.. perfect happiness. Last May, we’ve gone rafting. And with the same folks, we had had our sequel for jolt-shout-laugh series and the electrifying adventure that our teenage souls look for, the quenching remedy to our unsatisfied thirsts.

Chasing Pavements II: Seventh Heaven at Tinago Falls, Lanao Norte

Getting ready for the 40-minutes trip

“Not yet” exhausted, on our way down the destination.

This photo was taken on the 200th+ steps. Note: There are 365 steps starting from the first to the last.

Testing the water’s temperature :p

Pause. Taking a photo at the mini-bridge.. the bamboo boat..

..and here again – this time, the falls as the background. *Kaisa-isang litrato na kumpleto kami*

Abs, where are you? *All-boys photo man toh*

Rested after conquering the 365-steps, we were exhausted at that time. But still, we managed to smile for the camera. Hehe

On our way home when we stopped and took some nice shots along the way.

*I don’t exactly know where this photo was taken, somewhere near NPC I guess?*

Photo edits and the images were all taken from ate Mhy’s cam. First-rate isn’t it? Thanks Kapatid! :p

Shots with my dear adopted sister while we were on our way down.

P.S. Oh! I like how ate Mhy took this shot for me, shows how excited I’ am, taken at the most candid moment – removing my shoes. Haha

More photos of our trip on ate Mhy’s blog, more in these posts: here and here.

We’re planning for the third trip. The destination is yet to be settled, the date will be somewhere between Christmas break and New Year’s. Looking forward to it. Hehe


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