A Peek In The Dark (based on true accounts)

1:59 am

I turned on the light. The hairs in my flesh stood up when I heard someone running outside the house. I pretended to caugh to scare whatever thing that was the opposite the wall I’ m facing. I waited for a minute to clear my mind, to convince myself that it was all my imagination. Later, I heard his breathing. His panting. I realized that in front of me was the window, open to the dark outside. The thought overcame me that maybe he’s looking at me now from the exterior. I quickly acted as if I left something and went out of the room and immediately rushed to the main door in the sala. There stood our door, with a peeking hole in it. Should I look? Should I go to the CR upstairs? Or just go back to sleep and wait for the sun to rise? I froze.

2: 05 am

I decided that I should really peek. I secured my eyes to the hole. (Slow motion, like that of the horror movies) I waited for a minute but can’t see anything, only a dimly lit pathway of that door to our gate. Then three minutes. Five minutes. Nothing. I still looked intently. Then all of a sudden, I saw movement. I jerked back from that sudden shudder I’ve seen in the hole. I double-checked, I peeked again.. this time.. this time I’ve seen..

2:11 am

I froze. The hairs in my skin all stood up involuntarily. I can’t move. I can’t do anything.. I can’t run away..

2:21 am

My flesh is still engulfed by a chilly wind.. Coiled by an eerie indescribable sensation that ran from my spine. The hairs still standing, electrified in fear every now and then. I don’t know.. Alas, I can now walk. But still can’t run. The feeling of that mixed adrenaline of fear and curiosity cocktailed in your very nerves.

2:24 am

I’ m writing this now. Then suddenly the door creaked open.. I heard footstep from the outside, the sound was so real. The window was four feet away from me and the PC. I shivered.. involuntarily.. the curtains blew.. Then quietness. Drops of water slicing the stillness of the silence in the room. I looked at the window waiting.. waiting..


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