A Colorful Stroll I

The pricking chill of the cold air settled behind my warm skin, all the coldness enveloping my flesh down to the very core of my bones. Hair electrified by the bed sheets, curled up to create heat flushed down to the gut, and flying imaginations under a blackened view of a closed eye – thoughts flashing, memories recollected, the smiles remembered.

I woke up remembering what happened three days ago.. A trip that spanned from one city to other three and a highland that boasts a beautiful developing park and holds the record for the longest (1,250 m and 1,100 m) and highest (500 m) zipline in Asia.

Let the photos tell you the story of the chronicles of our first three days of the six-day trip:

On our way to Ozamiz City - bus terminal at Iligan and Mukas Port to Ozamiz.

Arrival at Ozamiz City and Chuckie's Lola Poping's humble abode. (Ah! OUR grandma pala.) Best accomodation in the City, way better than any other hotels around. (And we love Tito Em's mouth-watering home-cooked food! Thank you po!)

..prep time before going out..

..and here we go, MALLING.

..and here we go, MALLING.

Arriving at last at Hoyohoy Highland! Cool!

Took the chance to pose and let our "juvenile" attitude pave the floors of the Hoyohoy reception area.

Yii, thrilled for the longest zipline in Asia! And there we go..

And we get the chance to go horseback riding. 🙂

Pictorial at the Hoyohoy Highland Stone Chapel and Park.

Tanggub City Plaza

Tanggub City Plaza

We also stopped at the Christmas Symbol capital of the Philippines – Tanggub City. With lights that illuminated the City Plaza, booths with different concepts of Christmas symbolisms, and a crowd of joyful and lively people that flashed a smile at every corner of the city. A picturesque remembrance of how jovial a small City can be – beauty, happiness, wonder, friendship, and hospitality in one – a night to remember.

The jaw-dropping light booths. Spells W-O-N-D-E-R-F-U-L.

 These photos were just the beginning,

the rest is still unwritten..



Oh, so here’s the thought.. Many dealings and state of affairs will be crushing against my face this Christmas break. I haven’t updated and all, yet here I’ am, trying my best to write something before December, oh – this year ends.

It’s 11:30pm and I’d be leaving home tomorrow with my friends and gonna enjoy a 5-day trip in Dipolog, Dapitan, and some other related places just around. And after that, I’d be heading straight to Cagayan de Oro to spend the New Year with my family. And to think, loads of unfinished requirements plus five exams to take are in order when classes resume this January.

I don’t know if I can enjoy everything.. Im worried, yet desperate to have fun. Gaad, you know Im the tireless, party-goer, unstinting guy of the crowd who let’s the entire problem in the world be forgotten not until I lie down back in my comfy bed to remember them all again – at once. So that’s me, a psycho who thinks that his day would be incomplete without doing anything foolish, or something in between that word and adventure. But I got to do them, because reality check, NO ONE WILL. Urghh.. can I have my guardian angel please? And do it all for me? (Haha. Yeah yeah, I know, exaggerated wishful thinking.)

But Im in despair – a critical analysis in Plant Physiology, diversity studies in Invertebrate Zoology, a report in Reproductive System Development (I know right?) in Developmental Biology, and exams in Psychology and Calculus for Life Sciences. Seriously? HOWEVER, to neutralize it all, I have a wide range of books to read! (Oh thank you thank you!) Now, where’s the problem? I DON’T HAVE TIME TO DO ALL THIS STUFF AT ONCE. It’s a one way ticket to suicide.

Will I pat my back and say “Suffer now, enjoy later.”? Or just continue enjoying life? (Oh, normally, I’d choose the latter. It always ends up quite pleasing anyway.) But.. but.. I made a pact, a pact to myself that I’d do anything to get my grades back soaring the paper sheets and top lists. How can I be happy if I don’t get my grades back? So, there’s my answer: do it at the same time. (Challenge challenge!)

I’d try to balance. I’d have to balance it. I must. (Sabay lagay ng RED bandana sa ulo.. kamikaze na ito teh.)

Oh God, help me. I wish I could pull it all out. Paaaaayts! (Samurai sword!)And may we have a safe trip tomorrow. Sayonara, till I update again! (Muahaha)

Glimpse of Realism: On What Will Be, From the Eyes of A Rustic Teen

Glimpse of Realism: On What Will Be  

From the Eyes of A Rustic Teen

               Have you watched the “The 11th hour”, if you haven’t, then find a copy now. It opened my eyes to what reality is.. the reality that men created, molded, and the reality that we’d end up to. Politician, children, colored, Scientists, the poor – all will be affected, and none at the end of the day, none can evade it.

“That’s it, I’ m Moving On”

                 – Mother Nature

               These words may echo down and be on every human consciousness there is – IF only nature can talk. Yet, reality check, nature is really moving on. The human population is doubling and developing, and the planet is etched to the idea of balancing it and reacting towards this increase of human number that may alarmingly affect all other kinds of life; the increase of population that equates to increase of produces to supply consumption, industrial booms to give opportunities to work, new reconstructed land for accommodation, and many more. It will lead to the discharge of chemicals, destruction of life, change of climate, and technical terraforming of the planet which, to a certain extent, make this world inhabitable.

               Extinction is inevitable as stated by David Suzuki – scientist and environmentalist – it is a natural law of nature, the extinguishing of the unfit. However, humans are a special case. We do not have unique senses or the cravings to battle for a mate with claws, paws, and horns but we do have a highly advanced thinking machine – the brain. Through our instincts to survive and foresee what we’ll face in order to live on, we tend to manipulate our environment to better accommodate and provide what we need. We jumpstarted, we slid, and now, we must pay the entire price. Natural balance is a law of nature not stated in any constitution, not in papers or what have you. But it is a concept and a “necessity”, not following it would entirely associate to death, in a harsher way we can possibly think.

An Open Query

               Then, what is to be left for us? What is our only choice? Were should we pick ourselves up? Where is the standing ground for all of these?  These are all questions that wake us up in the middle of the night, with answers that eludes us to the far edges of learning and doing nothing towards it.

               “We know the outcome, we know the end-product, but we tend to ignore it. In the first place, we’re not the ones who’d be suffering right? We are out of the basket. The future generation will be affected, it’s ok, and I won’t die anyway.” – These are words of a selfish, money-talker, who greedily yearn for power and power alone. It is an irony; a cocktail of contradictions, these people should be the ones who’d be preserving the globe. Why? Because they’ve seen what is beautiful and NATURAL, they’ve felt it through their nerves and smelled it through the thick unblemished winds of a once-rural setting. They get pleasure from it, yet the future compensates for it. Is it not but unfair?

               Reader, though we share the same sentiments, WE do NOT make the rules. WE do NOT write the “do’s and don’ts” of our government. WE do NOT pass the bills. HOWEVER, WE SUFFER from it though not at its full impact, but what about THEM – the upcoming populace? Do they need to go through it? YES, THEY WILL READER, THEY WILL EVENTUALLY.

               Then you must be asking me right now what should I be doing? At the back of your mind, you might be asking what concrete plans do I have?

               The answer is simple and reflecting. Stand in front of a mirror and evaluate everything. Think of what that person in front of you did, what he is doing, and what will he do next. Start with the simplest ways of how you can help mother earth.. do not think first of the government and passing bills, they’ll just pay no heed towards it, because it’s a public opinion. They THINK they are superior. But show them reader, that though you’re either a minimalist or an altruist, you DID something good and natural.

               Start with the MOST practicable and realistic ways – learning what humans are capable of and where their limits end, study and be knowledgeable so that you’d know what is right and wrong, proper disposal of garbage, conservation of what you have (remember, everything comes from your environment), sharing of wisdom and let other people know what you knew, and lastly, persuade other people to do the same as you did.


My Music Playlist 2011 (Top 10 Albums)

Note: The ten albums are not ALL released this year; some even were released years ago.

Ok, so I’ve decided I’d be posting the songs repeatedly shuffled on my playlist this year from January to November 2011 (I can’t afford to include ALL the albums stored, I just included the “ten most played and liked”). I think they deserve credit – publicizing them. Gonna pinpoint some brief reviews about it and the singers as well if possible.

I arranged them in descending order, starting from ten to one with MY following standards:

Lyrical meaning, how the song makes me wanna stand and jive or just stare blankly due to the song’s exceptionally deep and stirring tune, or simply because I like it without any probable reason (Admit it, you liked songs without any basis as well right?) Then, let the countdown begin..

 10. Kanye West’s My Beautiful Twisted Dark Fantasy. Most of the songs comprise of many voices, centered on one rapping God – Kanye West. He employed African beats knotted with loads of back-up singers and featured artists that are making their own names in hip-hop and RnB hall of fame. Hip-hop is on the race with female pop singers in the billboard this year, and probably next too. It would be hard for the femme fatales to beat him. Though his image is slightly dented from the eyes of country-pop goers (two years ago), his songs don’t say otherwise. I don’t even mind what he did, as long as his music is intact and pierces through the soul; he still is an artistic and eclectic singer unlike any other. Must hear: Blame Game and Monster.

 9.Owl City’s All Things Bright and Beautiful. If you want a taste of unique music disco pop and electronic mix – Adam Young, the “Fireflies” hitmaker is now on his third album – All Things Bright and Beautiful. With electronic pop and auto beats showering his songs, you can’t prevent your head from moving side to side. He’s the lead vocals and plays the keyboards, guitars, drums, pianos, bass, accordion, etc., and syncs it all together. Not to mention he did write most of the songs as well. Multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter? Check. That’s how cool and inventive this guy is. And this album is as cool as he is – exceptional. Must hear: Deer in The Headlights and Angels. 

 8. Bruno Mars’ Doo Wops and Hooligans. The Jazz is back on the billboard once again, and this time, with a pinch of contemporary tune within in it – a music loved by all ages. All thanks to Bruno Mars’ hard work. (Which he was dubbed as one of the most hardworking celebrity in music industry) His live performances takes you to another level, thus, the presence in most of the first-rate music awards shows across America and Europe. It’s either you whistle with his songs here, or you “oh and oh’s” with it which would be stuck in your head for the rest of the day. Must hear: Talking To the Moon and Liquor Store Blues.

 7. Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream. Most of her songs from this album reached number one at billboard’s hot 100, becoming the first female to have 5 consecutive number ones in one album second only to the King of Pop himself. Her rise to fame is undoubtedly clear and rightful. Her quirky style is reflected on almost all her songs, and this album is not at all different. You can still dance with her just like how you did with her number one hits Hot n’ Cold and Waking Up in Vegas. And if you wanna hear the pop-rockstar inside her, listen to Circle the Drain. Must hear: The One That Got Away, Firework, and Who Am I Living For.

  6. Train’s Save Me San Francisco. The band that sang about the girl with drops of Jupiter in hair and who shook up happiness and told us that Christmas time is here, is now back. With new lines in their songs that would shred your infinite playlist of “who serenades me best”. Train came up on how to become a parachute to a human angel, serve you breakfast in bed, a carpenter who’d brick by brick fix all things up for you, ask you to marry him, and say “Hey, soul sister!” This album is very baroque – I mean, the lines rather artistic and idiomatic, add that up to the catchy and, some, touching tunes. Must hear: This Ain’t Goodbye and If It’s Love.

  5. Foster the People’s Torches. Most people would either say; “Gaad! Next song please?” or “What the hell is wrong with this band!?” when they first hear the songs coming from this album. But you see, that eccentricity makes this band applauding. They make you fall in love with their songs without even knowing what the songs truly indicate – and that; I classify a skill for singers. Once you’re hooked with one song, you’d obtrusively look for more. Here’s their thing – When they don’t get your attention, that’s ok. But when they do, that’s excellent. Must hear: Pumped Up Kicks and I Would Do Anything for You.

  4. Amy Winehouse’s Frank and Back To Black. Her sudden death at 27 is untimely. She paved the way for more British acts outside her mother country, opening a door for international acclaim gaining three Grammys on her first emergence at the American limelight. Her voice is very distinct – deep contralto, which suits best with jazz and soul genre – creating music worth listening for the rest of your life. Must hear: On Frank; Amy, Amy, Amy, and Fuck Me Pumps. On Back to Black; Love Is A Losing Game and Tears Dry On Their Own.

  3. Plain White T’s’ Wonders of the Younger. I confess that at the very beginning – of this band’s emergence to music industry – I really did thought that they’re just one of the oh-so-many one-hit-wonder stars who pass our life every now and then. HOWEVER, this conviction was shattered when Wonders of the Younger was released. Aside from the cool-swaggy band stealing songs 1,2,3,4 and Hey There Delilah, more songs would light up your day and night in this new album. They deserve salutations, admiration, and thumb-ups! Though quite cool as they are, I consider their music on the “high school-y” classification. Not because it’s amateur or what have you, but because the songs would be mostly teenager-friendly. And that’s the great fraction at it; you’d feel young (If you think you’re too old in this generation) and can relate to it without being ashamed. Though few of the songs are, to a certain extent, peculiar. Must hear: Wonders of the Younger, Killer, and Boomerang.

  2. The Script’s Science and Faith. Coming in at number two is an Irish band that brought us “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved”. The tracks from this one are memorable, probability is, you’d search for the lyrics and sing it anywhere – taking a bath, a date with your loved one, or humming it while you stare intently between the gaps of your boring teacher and the board. Danny’s voice plus stress-smashing lyric plus the bands instrumental play equates to good time and a king-sized sigh of satisfaction for giving alternative rock justice. Must hear: If You Ever Come Back, Science & Faith, and For The First Time.

  1. Adele’s 19 and 21. Can’t get over with your boyfriend/girlfriend? Let Adele’s 21 tell the story for you. Topping my list is this 23 year old singer-songwriter who’d paint the clearest picture of how heartbreak could put you on top of the music charts. Almost all her songs in these two albums are undeniably endearing, yet tear-jerking that you’d want to pat Adele’s back and tell her that everything would be alright.  Must hear: On 19; Chasing Pavements and Make You Feel My Love. On 21; Don’t You Remember, Someone Like You, and Set Fire To The Rain.

And that was the story of my music shuffling for these past 11 months. I’ll scout for new albums again for 2012. Happy new year, in advance!