Flying Imaginations

First of all, I want to thank my phone for letting me write at a time like this, when I am smacked with boredom and nothing but the spell of sleepiness. The air conditioner on full blast, rain outside, a warm blanket, and my invertebrate book on top of the pillow lying between my lap – what sleeping pill could be more effective than that?

I couldn’t choose the proper words to describe what I feel right now; that VERY heavy gravitational force in your eyelids, and that pull that opens your mouth to full yawn. This post is an icebreaker for this trance of I-don’t-even-know, a surreal imagination perhaps? A getaway from a very boring day? Of random what-have-you thought that stemmed out from nothingness? I don’t know. All I can assume of now, is to wake up from this weird reverie I’ am currently in. I am pressuring myself, but to no avail; I always end up thinking about Jess and Schmidt or how to destroy The Scourge with my favorite DOTA hero, then later realize that I’ve been asleep for five hours already. The time all wasted for dreaming and pondering of thoughts I already contemplated.

I know I’ am weird, but I am worried with myself. I can’t get myself to focus and just concentrate on one thing – to study. The usual me would do the same routine again and again: get a coffee sachet in the cupboard, pour some hot water and mix it with a little sugar to wake me up and keep me focused and sharp-eyed. But the probability: I still end up face down in the pillow and my coffee left untouched. The moment I get to squeeze my body in that warm blanket and soft mattress, I am already hexed with the spell of flying imaginations and magic wonders of what tiredness can bid. Then I change that imagination to something useful.. I pretend that my book is my bestfriend and my yellow marker (highlighter) is his lover. The red ballpen is the third party between the relationship of the two – every time that the book meets the marker, the red ballpen comes in and squeezes herself through them and affirms that she’d get all the attentions of the book..  – Then again, I fall asleep; the story still unfinished.

Then here comes my phone, sitting royally in the bed stand; smiling and daydreaming to himself. Then I grasped him and told him one thing, “Let’s wake up together and make this dull day unusually colorful!” That’s when I accessed the internet connection and started writing this one-hell-of-a-messy-article. I hope I can still wake up. Though that’s already close to impossibility as my eyelids is now giving up to the great towing of gravity and drowsiness. All I need is a little dust of motivation! And what can that be? Oh, I like surprises! May the odds be with my side, this time.


Friends: They Stop You When You Commit Suicide or, Ugh, Join You Instead?

Few steps back, and a few steps more. That’s us humans, atras-abante kumbaga. I don’t understand relationships, I guess, nobody does – the real understanding behind it. Oh life, why should you be so harsh on us? I mean, we do our best.. and yet, we end up rolling back the hill all of a sudden. Friends then lovers then enemies then friends again.. urgh, cycle goes on and on. And people are designed to have limitations too, that makes life even harder.

..the surprise? Just when you are about to surrender, here comes your real friends like celebrities in the red carpet, taas noo at may pa-wink pangEXTRA  – then makes you laugh like a real clown, gives you free emotional support like a psychiatrist, desires the best for you like your parents, and lets you express everything without saying whether it’d be right or wrong, in short without that fear of being judged. They are just there. Tas sabay sapak sayo at tawa nanaman. Oh friends.

So instead of skulking for the rest of the day, I managed to smile in the middle of it all; because of them. They keep you alive, a real living existence in a fairly rotten world. (Exaggerated na talaga. Haha. Pero rotten naman kapag may problema ka, o kapag feeling mo lang.) Salamat diay. 🙂


“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.” – Reinhold Neibuhr 

It took me years to overcome my fears.. the fears that haunted me and left me awake in the middle of the night. That piece of cringe painted in my face like an oil to a canvass, hard to wipe away, which end up on you going all over it again. It is, perhaps, time to grasp it; the sole chance I have.

2,700 km, striking heat, and I’m alone. I accelerated as there are no other cars in the blurring heat-surfeited road that stretched far and disappearing in the horizon – a long and unbearable road if taken, by paces and steps.

When will I reach my destination? The answer never bestowed neither to the shadows who accompanied me in that piercing day, nor that northern star that looked down on me in the middlest of nights.

I’ am NUMB. Paralyzed by what I know, and by what experiences molded me. Is it for the reason of enduring harsh trials? Of the feelings of hilarity and grins that gusted directly right to my face and my being? For the impatience of waiting and for the wait that I so keenly looked for that never came? Or should the blame be pointed to my resolute attention to the scientific? I tend to overlook things. Be apathetic and unwavering to the thoughts of other people, hisses and stenches is all I can think of. But is it not time that I begin to open my ears and my senses? Is it not time I care much?

NO and YES.

No, I can’t do that; I am what I am. But yes, I’d have to hear those things; I’d be welcoming and moderate as I’ve always been. But I can’t promise words that I know I can’t keep. Change is not easy; it comes with the unremitting flow of time and basis, of fistful of prudence and alertness, and foundations of well-spelled wisdom and reason.

I still am NUMB.. yet sensitive enough to the things I most consider worth of changing.

Rebisco Strawberry Sandwich (Walang koneksyon sa post)

Take note: Hinding hindi po ako nageendorse ng Rebisco co. ha? Bka sabihin niyong endorser ako o kung ano pa jan. Haha

Haha. At na-ignorante pa ako sa PAINT nung inEdit ko toh. haha. *kopong-kopong na photo editor, useful parin! And AGAIN, walang kinalaman ang litratong ito sa post. haha

Ito ang magiging kauna-unahang post ko sa tagalog, eh mali, sa taglish pla. Ewan ba kung ano pumasok sa kukote ko at naisipan kong magPost ng entryng ganto? Ewan. Dahil nga ba naMiss ko lng magsulat sa Filipino? Dahil nainggit ako sa mga bloggers na nagsusulat ng paganito? O dahil di ko lang maisulat ang nais kong ipamahagi sa ibang tao gamit ang ingles kong mali mali naman? (Oh shets, wag kang umastang magaling, alam ko, nagkamali ka rin ng ingles.. cge daw beh, sbhin mong hndi?!) Nakakasakit kaya ng ulo paminsan-minsan. Ewan. Pagkakataon ko na toh, hayaan niyo muna akong magsulat sa kung saan komportable ako.. o komportable nga ba? Shoot! Di ko na alam ano pinagsusulat ko dito. WARNING teh: Walang kwentang post toh, kaya’t habang maaga pa, wag mo nang ituloy ang pagbasa nito kung ayaw mong masayang ang oras mo. Kaya’t pindutin mo na ang EX botton ng browser mo. Ay nga pla, talk about browser, kakaDL ko lng ng Rockmelt at alam niyo ba kung ano kinalabasan nito mga kakosa? Puro error at error lang naman! Haba, ewan ko sa dinawLoadan ko.. sira sira naman. Oh ako lang nga ba ang sira dito? Shets ulet. Ansaklap ng buhay ko ah. Kaya nag-stick nalang ako sa Mozilla Firefox (Oi, infairness, latest version ha!? haha) at Google Chrome. *Nevermind internet explorer, kopong-kopong na rin teh! Aw, sorry sa mga users, magRockmelt na rin kasi kau. Ah! Wla pa pla ako. Nyahaha*

 May gusto nga pla akong i-Share.. Alam niyo ba ang pakiramdam na.. Ehhh! Wag na lang. Next time na yun. Basta. May tamang oras dun. Sa ngayon, mamarapatin ko ang pagsusulat sa Filipino, at straight dapat! Haa! San kpa? *Ako na talaga ang OA!*

Nagbabark na ang mga aso sa labas. (Ano nga bark sa tagalog? Eh, ang corny ko na! Peksman!)Kaya tatapusin ko na toh at ipa-Publish! (Oh? Sabog noh? haha)

Tsk. Binasa ko ulit ang nsa itaas. At napuno ng ewan, shets, parentheses, at kung ano anong masasamang salita ang post na toh. Iba iba na nasasabi ko. BASTA, pwede i-appreciate niyo muna bago niyo ako sermonan? Basta ulet, un na un! NagTry lang naman ako, at mukang masarap sa pakiramdam. Muahaha. *sabay kagat ng Rebisco Strawberry flavor* (Eh! Favorite ko yun nung high school, sasabayan ng Empanada at halo-juice ni Manang! Haaambilis ng panahon eh! Waw na waw, 3rd year collage na ako. Bleh sayo. haha)

Oh people, napakaSkandaloso ng entryng toh, at ang dry pa! Haha. Ilam’bg. *sinubukan lang naman eh*

P.S. At dahil umabot ka na dito, tlgang matigas ang ulo mo. *Tulad ko* Cge, sna may napulot kang something sa post na toh, kahit alam kong wala. Puro kawalang-kwentahan. Haha. Till I post again. (Oh, baka inglesan na ulit next time at balik na ako sa seryoso kong sarili, take note: Baka lang! Kung magagamotan ako. haha)

A Colorful Stroll II

I felt a drop of sweat roll down my damp forehead  –  covering my waxed hair while I listen to The Beatles’ Across the Universe. I woke up from a short nap. The car was moving fast and it was 1 AM in the morning and we were on our way back to our resting place. All the lights from the windshield looked as if they were being sucked as our vehicle moved gracefully from one colorful light to the other.. Oh, the stroll slightly not taken.

“This is our last night and by the morning, we’ll be leaving home. I truly had real fun.” I squinted while I thought of this inevitable phenomenon as I looked sideways to see my companions snoozing under the light deprived car. Kuya Empoy and I were the only ones still up for the travel.

I recollected again, as what I fancy, of the memories and lights that blinded me. And of the experiences, experiences worth repeating and reiterate the story to someone who’d gladly ponder. It all looked beautiful, the feeling of wonder and spirit of the gay crawling down your nails.

Fourth day: We went to Misamis Occidental Aquamarine Park, inhaled the sea breeze and just had a good time sight-seeing. We loved it!

Started the day by saying goodbye to Auntie Joy, Tito Em, and Ozamiz City. Aw, we did enjoy there. Next trip: a four-hour travel to Polangco, thrilled to see Dapitan and Dipolog. 🙂

Before going anywhere, we said goodbye to Lola Poping. Oh, she went back to Ozamiz. 🙂 But on the brighter side, there was a small festivity at Polangco Municipality. They call it “Family Day”.. oh, nice timing we arrived earlier!

Yii! A night walk around Dipolog and Dapitan! I wanna live here! Kudos to the people of these wonderful cities!

The one we’ve all been waiting for, Gloria’s Fantasyland at Dapitan. We’d like to be kids again! *who wouldn’t?* We acted as immature, laughing kids anyway. Love = Friends = Fun = Time of your life.

The rides and mascots! 😀

No more mascots, this time, kami na talaga ang pipicture-an. :p

Street shopping and sight-seeing at Dipolog, our last day to enjoy it all. 😦

And that concludes our fascinating and memorable (you wouldn’t even believe what we experienced at that short span of time!) six day trip. We hope we can really go back, and just like how Shakespeare’s boasted his plays, the chroniclers narrating their stories.. I simply had my share with it, my own personal story with my parchment and paper shared with the friends that intimately dwell near my heart. I bear the smile whenever that tinge of excitement is recollected, whenever that memory is flashed; that mutely wake me up in the middle of the night. Thank you.

Yet and still, the rest is unwritten..