Friends: They Stop You When You Commit Suicide or, Ugh, Join You Instead?

Few steps back, and a few steps more. That’s us humans, atras-abante kumbaga. I don’t understand relationships, I guess, nobody does – the real understanding behind it. Oh life, why should you be so harsh on us? I mean, we do our best.. and yet, we end up rolling back the hill all of a sudden. Friends then lovers then enemies then friends again.. urgh, cycle goes on and on. And people are designed to have limitations too, that makes life even harder.

..the surprise? Just when you are about to surrender, here comes your real friends like celebrities in the red carpet, taas noo at may pa-wink pangEXTRA  – then makes you laugh like a real clown, gives you free emotional support like a psychiatrist, desires the best for you like your parents, and lets you express everything without saying whether it’d be right or wrong, in short without that fear of being judged. They are just there. Tas sabay sapak sayo at tawa nanaman. Oh friends.

So instead of skulking for the rest of the day, I managed to smile in the middle of it all; because of them. They keep you alive, a real living existence in a fairly rotten world. (Exaggerated na talaga. Haha. Pero rotten naman kapag may problema ka, o kapag feeling mo lang.) Salamat diay. 🙂


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