Flying Imaginations

First of all, I want to thank my phone for letting me write at a time like this, when I am smacked with boredom and nothing but the spell of sleepiness. The air conditioner on full blast, rain outside, a warm blanket, and my invertebrate book on top of the pillow lying between my lap – what sleeping pill could be more effective than that?

I couldn’t choose the proper words to describe what I feel right now; that VERY heavy gravitational force in your eyelids, and that pull that opens your mouth to full yawn. This post is an icebreaker for this trance of I-don’t-even-know, a surreal imagination perhaps? A getaway from a very boring day? Of random what-have-you thought that stemmed out from nothingness? I don’t know. All I can assume of now, is to wake up from this weird reverie I’ am currently in. I am pressuring myself, but to no avail; I always end up thinking about Jess and Schmidt or how to destroy The Scourge with my favorite DOTA hero, then later realize that I’ve been asleep for five hours already. The time all wasted for dreaming and pondering of thoughts I already contemplated.

I know I’ am weird, but I am worried with myself. I can’t get myself to focus and just concentrate on one thing – to study. The usual me would do the same routine again and again: get a coffee sachet in the cupboard, pour some hot water and mix it with a little sugar to wake me up and keep me focused and sharp-eyed. But the probability: I still end up face down in the pillow and my coffee left untouched. The moment I get to squeeze my body in that warm blanket and soft mattress, I am already hexed with the spell of flying imaginations and magic wonders of what tiredness can bid. Then I change that imagination to something useful.. I pretend that my book is my bestfriend and my yellow marker (highlighter) is his lover. The red ballpen is the third party between the relationship of the two – every time that the book meets the marker, the red ballpen comes in and squeezes herself through them and affirms that she’d get all the attentions of the book..  – Then again, I fall asleep; the story still unfinished.

Then here comes my phone, sitting royally in the bed stand; smiling and daydreaming to himself. Then I grasped him and told him one thing, “Let’s wake up together and make this dull day unusually colorful!” That’s when I accessed the internet connection and started writing this one-hell-of-a-messy-article. I hope I can still wake up. Though that’s already close to impossibility as my eyelids is now giving up to the great towing of gravity and drowsiness. All I need is a little dust of motivation! And what can that be? Oh, I like surprises! May the odds be with my side, this time.


2 thoughts on “Flying Imaginations

  1. i thought i commented on this already. i wanted to say that i never thought you can write as good as this. seriously dude, it’s awesome. urgh! the paragraph where u mentioned jess and dota.

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