Brokenness Is the Best Inspiration

Brokenness is the best inspiration. I stood at the large transparent window with the sunset’s full light gleaming its splendor towards me. The music in the gramophone slowly played in that empty mirror room. Ideas and thoughts flushed right through my head as every single note and the rhythm of the music is released from the cascading of the needle and the vinyl from the musical device.

Still air. And warm tears ready to swell down and burst from my already tired eyes. It was the hardest decision I made, no, we made. The quietness in the room is in contradiction with what I’ m feeling inside –the memories rekindled to full flame, burn that intensifies every minute,  the cold tinge of having to be alone again, and that suffering.. the suffering of moving on and the mind forced not to recall the things we used to enjoy and love.

The once delicate heart now trampled and was left scattered in the abyss of nothingness and the expectations we used to set that we never met. With a dangling query; will I hold it? Will I be able to stand up again from that long fall? I’ am crushed. How will a broken heart be mended? Not with stick and stones, and not from the best medical practitioner’s healing gauze and salves. I am no more. My happiness swept away, and my existence tugged with you as you left me alone in that lost and friendless room. You never came back. And if you ever plan to, it’s too late now. There’s nothing worth coming back for. I am unworthy.. you said that yourself. Those words vibrated from the lips I used to love, and still love continually. But I am tired.

It isn’t easy giving up your love, giving you up, giving up everything. Because some things are NEVER meant to be.


3 thoughts on “Brokenness Is the Best Inspiration

  1. karling says:

    true-to-life ba ito? somekinda painful itong post na to. yayay tito saf? 😉

  2. shakm says:

    i like this kapatid…nicey nice!

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