What I Feel Like When Opening My AKAN Account

I haven’t had any post for more than a month now. The fruits of busyness I guess. They fall down from the tree one by one right through my head.. or, is it just me; laziness eating me wholly as I cringe from the facets of reality?

I’m getting old. The month of March was not an exception as it marked my 19th year of existence. However, the birthday celebration was definitely NOT the right reason to blame for my sluggishness, ‘twas the exams! Every day on March was like a day on a desert, you burn yourself up then find no one to help you go through, but when you know your way to a secret oasis – you fill yourself up with the coolest water and poof – satisfaction for all the hard work of walking right under the scorching sun. But the agony doesn’t end there; yes, you get all the sweetness of water and shade from the thick oasis foliage but will they be saving you? Coming for you? The waiting is excruciating. That’s what it feels like when you wait for your final grade. The indelible grades that either makes you shout for joy for a well-deserved grade, left you blankly staring the monitor for 30 minutes as logical reasons shoot across your mind, or cry your souls out cause you’d be taking up that subject for the second time.

The thrill in the loading and buffering when you open MSU AKAN website.. the adrenaline flowing through you blood system, heart beating faster and faster that makes a second longer than a minute.

That’s what I feel. The long wait.