Here and Back Again

It’s been more than a month now since I last posted something. Oh God, it’s summer and the first thing I should be doing is reviving back this blog! So this past month was a roller coaster ride for me.. some reassuring lows and astounding highs that I swear could have evaporated the soul inside of me. From getting sick, to having a swim, to experimenting new things, going to an adventure, photoshooting of all kinds and color, having new friends, and of course, the feeling of being taken cared by someone who you least expect that would take care of you. *Sweet huh? LOL

But hello reality! Everything will come to an end, and you learn the best experiences out of it. Im sure I’m gonna make the best decisions, so far. So hell yeah, beware! I just know God will grant me the strength and the passion.

P.S. Posts will be flowing the following days (Fictional write-ups like; Sweet Scent, Kill Them, and The Grand Enchanter). Yehess. WordPress, here I come AGAIN. (And oh, I just NEED to change my theme this time.. not as boring as the previous one. Say Hi to my new sun-drenched madhouse! And because Yellow is for happiness. Cool. )


2 thoughts on “Here and Back Again

  1. shakm says:

    kapatid, asan na ang over flowing mong blogs? LOL.I like your theme!

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