Sweet Scent

That pulsating feeling whenever you walk down and pass right through me; your cologne still dangling in the thin air. That beating becomes faster and faster, louder and menacing to the point beyond that of the contained threshold of demeanor.

I was starstruck, as what I always end up too whenever I see that sweet flashing smile from that angelic face. The world stopping, taking a dive through the waves of time.. slowly and beautifully passing.

“Hey! Still there!? Nate! Hello!” Tamia waving her hands in front of my fulfilled face.

I was immediately pulled back to sanity again, snapped to reality.. the reality of never having her. She walked gracefully in the pool of equally beautiful people, yet she managed to stand out. Not with her brunette curls, perfect curves, nor grey striking eyes, but with the spirit glowing inside her. She never knew me.. I was invisible to her – nonexistent, insignificant, and a speck of dust in her eyes.

Tamia still glaring at me, “It’s her again isn’t it? I know she’s beautiful Nate, but you’ll never have her. No one will – not in a place like this.”

“Can we just go Tam? Do not give me the usual sermon again. I’m sick of it.”

We walked out, her strong cologne still prickling my nose. Why do I always end up in this situation? Never had the courage to introduce myself, the courage to chase what I yearn for? Perhaps Tamia was right? I’ll never have her; I’ll never have what I want.


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