A New Day

A small rock rolled as I slightly kicked it off my way. The road roughly black, the clouds clearing up for the piercing sunrays, the cold morning seeping through my thick coat. I was alone and smiling, and as carefree as the birds; flying freely across the trees – from one sycamore to another, from the oaks to the fig.

Soft wind pressed my blushing cheeks as they whispered unfathomable tunes through my ears; the nature playing its sweetest melody for me; the nearby patch of grass swaying with the breeze..

“It’s going to be a beautiful day. I pray the best of blessings and nothing but the sweetest experience drawn from my worst dilemmas in life. I just know I can pull it out.. These are just mere challenges to my raspy-kind of life. I’m going to be happy, I must be.”

I was now standing, looking down to my closed shoes. And a swirl of brown leaves passed right in front of me. As if my wish was coming to life.. Magical in the most sensible way.

The sunshine kissing my face, as if showering me with energy and the wind enthusiastic about it. The coldness around me slowly fading, replaced by the warmth radiating from the sun. The black pavement turning grey as the morning water evaporates, so as the dews from the leaves. More birds flew above, the surrounding enchantingly changing. The darkest corners illuminated, the radiance of the sun highlighted the striking color of the flowers, the leaves shining. Everything was fully coming to life.

“So this is it? There is beauty in everything, as long as you are as radiating as the sun, fervent as the breeze, and free as the birds? Quite a lesson there.”

I inhaled the deepest breath, and exhaled one out again.

“This is it then, a start of a new day!”