Because There Were Posting Gaps: A Letter To My Blog

Dearest Madhouse,

                I was thinking you were in good shape these previous months, oh, I wish you were, because I was and still am. I zipped open your site stats and the “blogs I follow” part and everyone was way ahead of us. It’s like every week, they have a post or two on their blogs. Well, I regret the pen didn’t reach the keyboards. I wish to take it all back and return to our usual-coffee-and-cookies-blog-writing routine. But the hassles are skyrocketing everywhere. (I though hope this makes sense to you.)

                  I’m so sorry I’ve forgotten you over the months. Oh, scratch that – I don’t necessarily mean “forgotten” like someone has been dead for over a hundred years, but a “forgotten” between ‘me-being-busy’ and ‘the-academics-getting-the-best-of-me’ sort. I miss you, I truly do.

             I miss our times together; the days where we spent our cold afternoons together in the mutedly-lit room downstairs, how I shared my terrific adventures with the friends I was telling you about, our moments in the middlest of nights pondering issues that need attention, and those secrets.

             I apologize I haven’t informed you of the travels I took, and of the beautiful memories I shared with the people who I love and loves me. I also regret I haven’t told you my all-time self-struggle in solving the problems which I thought I could solve all alone (Well, most of them I did however. You should be congratulating me later.). But one thing you missed is how my life surprisingly changed colors. Seriously madhouse. It changed colors! Dark shades came to be pastels. The light hues turned admirably beautiful, while some turned gloomy and unrecognizable. But seventy-five percent came to agree with my liking. I was undoubtedly cheerful with what it turned out. *I know I’m blabbing things again – the things you’d rather want to forget with a good book in your hands. But you know you’re the only one I can share this with right? Arghh.. I should stop here. You know what I feel, and what will I feel for the rest of the night.

               But seriously, we missed so many things! The good books I’ve been busy about, the music that made me awake for another foggy night, the movies that made me excessively excited to go home, and the happenings which I was so stoked that I’d never imagined happening. Life did teach me a handful of lessons! I’ve loved it and I am as usually as I do, contented with it – ups and downs alike. Yay for a wonderful life!

               And oh, I almost forgot.. How are you anyway? I suppose you’re still breathing and happy while I was out in the sun. The sun-drench theme still suits you! I would leave you with that ok?

                                                                                                                                                                                        The Madman
I vow to keep my posts coming.(Not the ‘pinky-swear- vow-vow’,
I’m just giving my word that I’d come back any time soon) 
I’m sorry, and yeah, we’ll have some catching up to do. 🙂