The Madman’s Three-year Evolution

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So yeah, this is the 3-year evolution of a ladykiller madman. From 2011 to 2013. Haha. Feel free to admire criticize! *Just had the decency to brag thyself. Lols. 2011: Yeah, I look like a zombie straight out of a computer game ready to get some “braiiiins”. Im so damn hot dry! 2012: The inner rocker/emo/mysteriousguy/clown/musiclover/weirdo/whatever..asdfghjkl […]


Before I hit the sack, I wish to tell you that I’m freaking happy today! (As if that’s unusual for me) I downloaded a bunch of songs to get the party starting. I’m extremely in good mood and you should know that I officially started writing in an actual journal (Is it lame? Don’t know, but I’ m loving the thought and the long process of thinking and recollecting what happened that day that can incredibly change your life perspectives, somehow it’s comforting in my part). LOL. I also got a brand new favorite song from Mr. Mars, the Bruno one; a song called Old & Crazy, featuring Esperanza Spalding. I admit I still love jazz (as it sounded like one, correct me if I’m wrong though) and the kind of music Bruno Mars is up to. Plus… my defense for thesis is scheduled this Friday. Oh God, please be with me.

And highlight, I learned a lesson today just succeeded in proving a theory; waiting is the best method to test your patience! Haha. It is so true. No questions asked.

Happy reading everyone!

Will you still call me baby when I’m old and crazy?
Will you still hold my hand when my clothes are out of style?
My teeth all ran away and I don’t have the same smile.
Will you still wanna dance even if my hips are weak?
My ears don’t hear so well and I can’t find the beat.
Will you still call me baby when I’m old and crazy?

Old & Crazy, Bruno Mars feat. Esperanze Spalding

For Optimism

                 Mending a broken heart isn’t as easy as putting a bandage on a swollen wound. It takes up so much courage and recognition of that blistering soreness between your ribcages. You unconsciously push away everyone around you and realize that you wanted this people back in your life again. Pushing and pulling, ache and hurt, scar and healing. So many complicated processes to get back to your feet again, to walk.. to run.. to dance. Well, we can’t argue on that anyway – “growing up” taught us that everything would be possible, may it be in the slowest progression and longest route. Just like one begin to walk when he was first brought out into this world. Human instinct tells us to stand up and conquer the world. So in the end, giving up is not a goddamn option. Strength, motivation, self-willingness, acceptance – all these vocabularies weren’t coined for nothing right?

                                 For optimism.