Summer Update

This year’s summer is beyooond expectations! It wouldn’t be complete without taking a dive in the usual resort just around the corner. And because I feel like I’ve been swimming twice a week nowadays, I suddenly had the clamor to end this tiring break – but yet again, I realize that times like these wouldn’t be as forgiving when I take up medicine (Ahemm). So, channeling the usual “Saff Spirit”, I ended up smiling and having fun in every little way! Hooray for today! (Thanks Mcdo for the slogan!) I begin to remaster the art of optimism and being random.. the unoccasional definition of being me. Bless the heavens.

And thank you for all the wishes, goodlucks, gifts, support, praises, and *insert things like that* when I graduated. Yihii. I finally had my diploma for Bachelor of Science in Zoology. Oh thank God. 🙂 Ho hey Medicine! Im about to knock in your iron doors.

Plus, it has been a struggle for me to get back on track these past months; nevertheless, I enjoyed it. I picked up the crumbs and maybe, just maybe, I might as well use it when I lost my way “again”. (Just read between the lines)

One more thing, Banggolo’s Street food-stalls are amayziiing AGAIN. Haha. I missd them. (Which I accused when I was confined last year because of a.. uh.. discomfort.) But that is so 2012, so will you please welcome me again? The regular Balut and Penoy, the a-la chowking halo-halo, the Tempuras and Squid rolls are sure-to-miss street foods I would be glad to swim with. Haa. *That would mean that I’ll have to force someone again to accompany me. Muahaha. (And next time, I’ll be bringing a camera as well.)

And yey, reconnections! THE feeling. Alhamdulillah for kind-hearted people. 🙂

As for this blog, I miss you sunshiny! I’ll be posting photos and all-that later alright?

Hi hello WordPress! 🙂