You. Yes you. Guess what, I want to destroy you and make you the most hated person alive. And thank you for making me hate pizza. Both of you. Ha!

As for you, it is not the end. Hurray for being so mature! Im so so proud of you. I want to eat pizza with you!

You. Do you remember that Mango pizza we ate last year? Oh God, time flies so fast. Hoho

You think I miss you? I dunno. Let’s see. Bake me a pizza cake and I might think about it.

Violet pizza? With noodles? Yes. How are you? I wish you’re doing great!

I saw you yesterday eating pizza with your friends.. and thanks for noticing my yellow shorts. Ha ha!

You. There are no yummy pizzas here! Probably in the next city. Let’s runaway.

And you! I think about you all the time (aside from pizza), after what you did (what you wonderfully did).. But I still hate you, FYI.