An assassin’s cloak draped from head to toe, prowling and waiting in the shadow.

I dashed to to do the deed, and slit the throat in one swift blow.

Alas, the stench of cruelty cannot be obscured.. as it exudes inside out.

In a sea of blues and greens, the color of fresh blood gushed out.

You fell down on your knees, I don’t have a choice.

You said “How can you?” in one low, sweet sweet voice.

I was back, a deep slumber it was, from a trip I took from hell.

It was a mistake! “I apologize for I was cruel” – which I couldn’t tell.

Both bent down, the rotten blood seeping thru my finger.

You looked me in the eye, “one more time” you say, the light fading in one last flicker.

Don’t leave me I mumble, I won’t make the same mistake again. No, never.