Random Rant: Use of Everyday Words

I get cringy and so annoyed when muslim people misuse common Arabic words! Say, they use MashaAllah instead of Astagfirullah when one has seen something unforgivable. MashaAllah is used to appreciate, or when something good has happened. You use Astagfirullah when you want to ask forgiveness, or freedom from something bad. This one instance sa FB, may nagPost ng isang scandalous photo of two teenagers cuddling – one FB user said, “Grabe mga batang to, dapat pinapagalitan Mashaallah”. So you mean, you appreciate what they are doing? 😑 Ughh See, you defeat the context of your whole sentence with just one word. NapakaContradictory eh. This happens alot with other words such as the use of In shaa Allah, Allahuakbar, Ya Allah, etc. Whenever confronted with one, kinakausap ko and I correct them. But most of the time, sa social media ko nakikita and they are strangers – so reaching out, esp mga Maranaos, doesn’t work at all cause they get agitated kasi nga touched ang “Maratabat” nila, and they freakin start to smart-shame you. Like seriously dude? Know your vocabulary rin minsan. ✌🏻‬
‪This is an opinion, and a common observation from people. Please enlighten me if mali pagkakaintinde ko.