The Madman



Writing about yourself is not an easy task to do. I clasped my mouth and scratched my head for about 30 minutes, and deeply considered what things I could write about myself. But believe me when I say this, I hate writing about me, the interest of writing about myself is not in my heart, in my leg, nor in my dust-penetrated skull.

 Instead, Im gonna give you interesting (really?) random facts about me. There’s no harm in making you curious, isn’t it? (The list can go on forever, but I only included 25, for my age.)

* * *

I’m not a big fan of chocolates.

“To Kill A Mockingbird” is still my favorite book. Undisputed.

I can manage to laugh in the middle of an unsolved predicament.

A medical doctor.

I thought I was cool back in Highschool even though I wasn’t.

Rain & Fog; favorite moments.

I had my braces on since December 2008.

I have watched Lord of The Rings, Harry Potter, and Star Wars trilogies for the nth time, and still watch over it for the next 50 years. (Yup, I’m a complete geek.)

I can read Arabic.

A net and computer game freak

I usually take a bath twice a day, one in the morning then another when I go to sleep.

Living for Arctic Monkeys, Foster the People, and G-Dragon.

Iced coffee is the beverage to go!

A movie addict, “THAT” addict

I smile all the time, I can easily befriend people.

Im a war freak. Yes I ‘ am.

I have an earsplitting voice, one or two usually complains about it.

Asian with fair brown skin and light brown eyes.

I accept opinions, I give them too.

Loves to do the easy task, nevermind the tough ones.

Will forever be a VIP, Blackjack, and ARMY. Only iykwim

I never liked Justin Beiber and Lady Gaga the first time I saw them.

Balig ako ei Mranao.

Im the youngest. And I am thankful.

I’m always mad, foolish in other word.

* * *

(Do not be deceived by my featured photo above. HAHA)

I’m Safrollah Abdulhamid Khalid,



2 thoughts on “The Madman

  1. shakm says:

    yeah right..haha.=)

  2. norse myth. says:

    way to go saffu!!

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