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A trip through the northern Philippine province of Zambales with my closest friends – a 3-day trip which feels like a week! No electricity, internet, or mobile signal. This is the perfect getaway from urban life, from the stress of work, and toxic people! Set-up your tent, bask under the sun, conquer the mountains nearby, swim with the colorful fishes, start a fire, lie under the stars and talk about everything. The experience is overwhelming!


A Colorful Stroll II

I felt a drop of sweat roll down my damp forehead  –  covering my waxed hair while I listen to The Beatles’ Across the Universe. I woke up from a short nap. The car was moving fast and it was 1 AM in the morning and we were on our way back to our resting place. All the lights from the windshield looked as if they were being sucked as our vehicle moved gracefully from one colorful light to the other.. Oh, the stroll slightly not taken.

“This is our last night and by the morning, we’ll be leaving home. I truly had real fun.” I squinted while I thought of this inevitable phenomenon as I looked sideways to see my companions snoozing under the light deprived car. Kuya Empoy and I were the only ones still up for the travel.

I recollected again, as what I fancy, of the memories and lights that blinded me. And of the experiences, experiences worth repeating and reiterate the story to someone who’d gladly ponder. It all looked beautiful, the feeling of wonder and spirit of the gay crawling down your nails.

Fourth day: We went to Misamis Occidental Aquamarine Park, inhaled the sea breeze and just had a good time sight-seeing. We loved it!

Started the day by saying goodbye to Auntie Joy, Tito Em, and Ozamiz City. Aw, we did enjoy there. Next trip: a four-hour travel to Polangco, thrilled to see Dapitan and Dipolog. 🙂

Before going anywhere, we said goodbye to Lola Poping. Oh, she went back to Ozamiz. 🙂 But on the brighter side, there was a small festivity at Polangco Municipality. They call it “Family Day”.. oh, nice timing we arrived earlier!

Yii! A night walk around Dipolog and Dapitan! I wanna live here! Kudos to the people of these wonderful cities!

The one we’ve all been waiting for, Gloria’s Fantasyland at Dapitan. We’d like to be kids again! *who wouldn’t?* We acted as immature, laughing kids anyway. Love = Friends = Fun = Time of your life.

The rides and mascots! 😀

No more mascots, this time, kami na talaga ang pipicture-an. :p

Street shopping and sight-seeing at Dipolog, our last day to enjoy it all. 😦

And that concludes our fascinating and memorable (you wouldn’t even believe what we experienced at that short span of time!) six day trip. We hope we can really go back, and just like how Shakespeare’s boasted his plays, the chroniclers narrating their stories.. I simply had my share with it, my own personal story with my parchment and paper shared with the friends that intimately dwell near my heart. I bear the smile whenever that tinge of excitement is recollected, whenever that memory is flashed; that mutely wake me up in the middle of the night. Thank you.

Yet and still, the rest is unwritten..

A Colorful Stroll I

The pricking chill of the cold air settled behind my warm skin, all the coldness enveloping my flesh down to the very core of my bones. Hair electrified by the bed sheets, curled up to create heat flushed down to the gut, and flying imaginations under a blackened view of a closed eye – thoughts flashing, memories recollected, the smiles remembered.

I woke up remembering what happened three days ago.. A trip that spanned from one city to other three and a highland that boasts a beautiful developing park and holds the record for the longest (1,250 m and 1,100 m) and highest (500 m) zipline in Asia.

Let the photos tell you the story of the chronicles of our first three days of the six-day trip:

On our way to Ozamiz City - bus terminal at Iligan and Mukas Port to Ozamiz.

Arrival at Ozamiz City and Chuckie's Lola Poping's humble abode. (Ah! OUR grandma pala.) Best accomodation in the City, way better than any other hotels around. (And we love Tito Em's mouth-watering home-cooked food! Thank you po!)

..prep time before going out..

..and here we go, MALLING.

..and here we go, MALLING.

Arriving at last at Hoyohoy Highland! Cool!

Took the chance to pose and let our "juvenile" attitude pave the floors of the Hoyohoy reception area.

Yii, thrilled for the longest zipline in Asia! And there we go..

And we get the chance to go horseback riding. 🙂

Pictorial at the Hoyohoy Highland Stone Chapel and Park.

Tanggub City Plaza

Tanggub City Plaza

We also stopped at the Christmas Symbol capital of the Philippines – Tanggub City. With lights that illuminated the City Plaza, booths with different concepts of Christmas symbolisms, and a crowd of joyful and lively people that flashed a smile at every corner of the city. A picturesque remembrance of how jovial a small City can be – beauty, happiness, wonder, friendship, and hospitality in one – a night to remember.

The jaw-dropping light booths. Spells W-O-N-D-E-R-F-U-L.

 These photos were just the beginning,

the rest is still unwritten..