We are one; a fire inextinguishable, roaring and twisting in flames. We light up the dark night as we danced in the crackling coal. We share the same warmth, and burn whatever’s in our path. We are an inseparable fiery entity, destructive yet shimmering wih zeal. A fire; you and me.



Mid-air. I am falling, non-stop. Gravity pulling me back to the ground. I hear your voice, familiar and comforting “Take my hand, take it. Do not hesitate.”

I then smell flowers, strong and wistful. Now Im walking towards a river, blue and foamy. I see you sitting by the rock with your feet submerged, you were waving and inviting me to come and take a plunge. I knew it was freezing because you were shivering but you try to hide it. I can see through you though. I will always see. 

I wake up. I realize I’m still alone in bed, sweating. I hear my heartbeat – loud and thumping between my ribs. I can hear your name in every beat; my heart screams for you, pulsating through my veins. My heart was is restless. 


We can all fake faces, make people believe what we want them to believe. We can ridicule, judge, and pretend we are smarter than everyone else. We can be who we wanted to be. We can be bastards to make someone else’s life a living hell. We are greedy and take value of our pride. We hurt others to make ourselves superior, we declare our might and perverseness when we get the chance to destroy somebody weaker. We bathe on their feebleness and take joy in it.

We are humans, we love to see others get hurt. We are nothing but HUMANS.

Mushy Mushroom

Okay. I’m kinda embarrassed that I haven’t updated this blog and haven’t posted anything for months, but grateful in a way that I still get visitors from time to time. If you are reading this, then, thank you! It seems that my life has been overexposed already, thanks to my social media accounts Facebook and Instagram – the reason why I haven’t updated this one.

This is going to be a quickpost. I am considering of reviving again this blog after months and months of failure of bringing this site up to date. I wanted to do it again of course, to capture everything and put it in writing. But I lack one fundamental thing in doing so; resolve. I am in short of that determination to write with enviable precision. That I lack the heart to write and already decide to end it even before it started.

I have to dole out all those pessimism and take a spoonful of motivation.

So help me dear God. Amen.