Oh, so here’s the thought.. Many dealings and state of affairs will be crushing against my face this Christmas break. I haven’t updated and all, yet here I’ am, trying my best to write something before December, oh – this year ends.

It’s 11:30pm and I’d be leaving home tomorrow with my friends and gonna enjoy a 5-day trip in Dipolog, Dapitan, and some other related places just around. And after that, I’d be heading straight to Cagayan de Oro to spend the New Year with my family. And to think, loads of unfinished requirements plus five exams to take are in order when classes resume this January.

I don’t know if I can enjoy everything.. Im worried, yet desperate to have fun. Gaad, you know Im the tireless, party-goer, unstinting guy of the crowd who let’s the entire problem in the world be forgotten not until I lie down back in my comfy bed to remember them all again – at once. So that’s me, a psycho who thinks that his day would be incomplete without doing anything foolish, or something in between that word and adventure. But I got to do them, because reality check, NO ONE WILL. Urghh.. can I have my guardian angel please? And do it all for me? (Haha. Yeah yeah, I know, exaggerated wishful thinking.)

But Im in despair – a critical analysis in Plant Physiology, diversity studies in Invertebrate Zoology, a report in Reproductive System Development (I know right?) in Developmental Biology, and exams in Psychology and Calculus for Life Sciences. Seriously? HOWEVER, to neutralize it all, I have a wide range of books to read! (Oh thank you thank you!) Now, where’s the problem? I DON’T HAVE TIME TO DO ALL THIS STUFF AT ONCE. It’s a one way ticket to suicide.

Will I pat my back and say “Suffer now, enjoy later.”? Or just continue enjoying life? (Oh, normally, I’d choose the latter. It always ends up quite pleasing anyway.) But.. but.. I made a pact, a pact to myself that I’d do anything to get my grades back soaring the paper sheets and top lists. How can I be happy if I don’t get my grades back? So, there’s my answer: do it at the same time. (Challenge challenge!)

I’d try to balance. I’d have to balance it. I must. (Sabay lagay ng RED bandana sa ulo.. kamikaze na ito teh.)

Oh God, help me. I wish I could pull it all out. Paaaaayts! (Samurai sword!)And may we have a safe trip tomorrow. Sayonara, till I update again! (Muahaha)