No offense to Meyer’s Followers

I don’t intend on starting an opinionated comparison with a sugarcoated preface. I would point out flatly and straightforwardly the awkward comparisons between two best selling authors of our time.

I’m aware that many people keep on comparing Stephenie Meyer to another critically acclaimed best seller J.K. Rowling for her work Harry potter with the Twilight saga. Im like, “What? It’s like comparing an ant to a lion!” Everything is unparalleled! From point to point choice of words, the sequencing plot which the story revolves, the very theme of the chronicles, the characters, and the way they both wrote the story.

It’s VERY different.. in fact, a thousand year different. I don’t get it why a vampire is compared to a wizard? Why a story of friendship to a suicidal teenage dream love story? And to an amateurish US based film to a British-made expensive and clearly high – graphicked one. (I’m not being biased here; it’s just what I noticed.) And I once read in a trailer comment for The Deathly Hollows Two, “When you insult Twilight, you insult something that a person has liked for a few years but when you insult Harry Potter, you insult someone’s childhood. ” It makes sense right? For over 7 years, Harry Potter top-grossed every country and almost got the admiration and attention of the public eye. But I also can’t blame Twilight for the notice it had in the society, a vampire love – stricken to a human, which all teenagers fantasize nowadays. Twilight also gave new meaning to the increasing fame vampires and werewolves all get in Hollywood; after the movie, these vampire series and movies alike just popped out of the blue.

BUT the very point is, IS IT EVEN “THAT” COMPARABLE? Will you care on looking at the storylines of both books? Believe me, I read both of them, and still, none of the two can REALLY compete to the real universe of writing a book perfectly and without flaw. The genre of the two is way unrelated, except for the certain twists in fantasy; wizards, vampires, and the like, Harry Potter focuses on the values of friendship and family. Whereas Twilight spotlights the twists and bits of fantasy romance – eternal and forbidden love, and the risks between them. I just don’t get why the fans of both houses are fighting over it (Noticed it in fan sites, twitter, tumblr posts, and other social networking sites)? PLEASE, if you compare something, compare the comparable. Don’t just jump out and cut their throats with “Twilight is better because..” “Harry Potter is way way good than..” And again please, READ BOTH (or better yet, watch) BEFORE PUTTING THEM IN A SCALE.

For the adult – contemporary bookworms out there, I recommend THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS (wizards and vampires are both in it), and THE HUNGER GAMES TRILOGY (action packed, but this one is on the post – war team.)