About: The Mad Posts

For easy browsing, ALL entries are organized and put into order through six categories.

Life. The write – ups under this category are all personal related. *Therefore, if you’re the next gossip girl/boy, the random next-big-shot who just passed by, or just someone who’s much more concerned about me and my world – then the posts here are the right one for you, to know more about me. Though, I warn you, it’s too vague to sort me out from the pool of odd-minded entities around you. Personal introductions are favored.*

Creative Writing. This one is my own library. My sill of original write – ups, mostly fictional. Again, I discourage copying any of it as I authored all entries here. Thank you very much.

Journal. Entries under this umbrella are “anything” artistically written to provide advices based on my experiences. (Ekk, who the hell Am I to talk about that? Oh well, I’m the OPINIONATED MADMAN anyway.) Ü

Travel. Whatever happened to Samson and Delilah? Oh, this category focuses more on questions answering where I’ve been, what I’ve been, why I’ve been.

Criticisms. Opinions, reviews, and just-a-thought. You are much more welcome to browse my opinionated articles.. putting THEM in the hot seat. You can share your thoughts and opinions about it too.

Gallery. Posts with photos and videos. (When Im in it, or when I took the shot)

As I authored all entries here, copying is highly discouraged. Enjoy and thank you for visiting! (:


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