Of Jade & Amber

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A trip through the northern Philippine province of Zambales with my closest friends – a 3-day trip which feels like a week! No electricity, internet, or mobile signal. This is the perfect getaway from urban life, from the stress of work, and toxic people! Set-up your tent, bask under the sun, conquer the mountains nearby, swim with the colorful fishes, start a fire, lie under the stars and talk about everything. The experience is overwhelming!


The Madman’s Three-year Evolution

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So yeah, this is the 3-year evolution of a┬áladykiller madman. From 2011 to 2013. Haha. Feel free to admire criticize! *Just had the decency to brag thyself. Lols. 2011: Yeah, I look like a zombie straight out of a computer game ready to get some “braiiiins”. Im so damn hot dry! 2012: The inner rocker/emo/mysteriousguy/clown/musiclover/weirdo/whatever..asdfghjkl […]